Pest Control Tips and Advice

Tips and advice from the Kawartha Lakes pest control experts at Dave's Quality Pest Control.

Failed bat exclusion in Trent Lakes, improper door closure; our design ensures easy exit, slippery surface.
We humanely removed a whole family of raccoons from inside the roof of a Peterborough home. Afterwards, the raccoons were safely relocated.
Are rats and mice attracted to the dog feces you leave in your backyard to clean up a little later or forgot?
Dave’s Quality Pest control will safely and humanely remove the mother squirrel and her litter from your home.
Summer in Ontario includes camping and nature walks, but beware of what lurks in tall grasses, bushes and shrubs; ticks and Lyme disease.
Spring is coming here in Ontario and that means cluster flies. If you already have cluster flies, here is some simple advice from the pros.
Many people think bat houses can make their bat problem worse, but bats won’t go into your home if they have somewhere else to go.
Being attracted to moisture and rotting wood, carpenter ants are a serious problem and can destroy hardwood flooring and wood in your home.
The mosquito fogging process is harmless, completed by our pest control team in the morning, and keeps mosquitoes away for up to 24 hours.
Earwigs, with their menacing-looking pincers are one of the most frightening insects to find in your home. Many myths exist about earwigs.
Cockroaches. Is there anything creepier? Everyone dreads the sight of these little insects, but how much do you really know about them?
Bats in the Kawarthas will fly to Collingwood or Warsaw and hibernate in caves during the winter, but many will find comfort in your attic.
With 2019 kicking off and winter in full effect, carpenter ant and other insect infestations can happen in January. Find out why!
The last thing you asked for during the bustle of the holiday season is an unwanted raccoon invading your home. Here's how to avoid it.
A bat flying around in the house is the stuff of nightmares for homeowners. Learn what to do and what not to do if your home has bats.
Every year, following the brief thaw of a warmer few winter days, Ontario households will find their homes invaded by carpenter ants.
With the holiday season in full swing, you may be hearing the familiar skittering or chewing sounds of mice behind the drywall.