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Is Mosquito Fogging Safe?Is Mosquito Fogging Safe?/

Mosquitos. We all know and hate them. They create itchy, irritating bug bites and are a general nuisance to us all.

Many people fear that mosquito fogging may cause health problems.

The fogging process is harmless, completed by our pest control technicians early …

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Earwigs: Myth vs FactEarwigs: Myth vs Fact/ Busting Earwig Myths with Dave’s Quality Pest Control

Get your facts straight with this quick guide, and then get them out of your home quickly and easily with help from Dave’s Quality Pest Control. We know how to get rid of earwigs in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, an…

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6 Things You Thought You Knew About Cockroaches6 Things You Thought You Knew About Cockroaches/

Cockroaches. Is there anything creepier? Everyone dreads the sight of these hardy little insects in our homes and places of work, but how much do you really know about them?

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the subject of …

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Prevent and Control Cluster Flies in OntarioPrevent and Control Cluster Flies in Ontario/

Cluster flies are not hazardous to human health, but they are popular pests in spring and fall, especially within Ontario homes.

With their attraction to warmth and light, they are commonly found clustered around window frames or abandoned parts o…

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Winter Bats in the Kawarthas: The Chilly TruthWinter Bats in the Kawarthas: The Chilly Truth/

Winter can be a common time for at home pests due to many animals seeking warmth and food inside the home.

A fascinating but pesky pest, bats (particularly the Big Brown Bat and Red Bat in Ontario) are especially familiar with seeking shelter from the cold.

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Winter Run-Ins: The Return of the Carpenter AntWinter Run-Ins: The Return of the Carpenter Ant/

With 2019 kicking off and winter in full effect, insect infestations are thought to be avoidable this time of year. But carpenter ants are known to often occur in January (and actually, every month of the year!). To keep your home safe and insect free…

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Have a Holly Jolly, Raccoon Free Christmas This YearHave a Holly Jolly, Raccoon Free Christmas This Year/

Wildlife during the summer often has a reputation of becoming household pests. When winter comes along people assume that their house is safer from unwanted creatures. In reality, many animals still love to disturb homes in the winter because the…

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Bats in the House: Do’s and Dont’sBats in the House: Do’s and Dont’s/Bats in the House: Do’s and Dont’s

A wayward bat flying around in your bedroom or living room is the stuff of nightmares for most homeowners. Learn what to do and what not to do if you suspect your home is being shared with bats.

DON’T panic and assume y…

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Ants? In Winter?Ants? In Winter?/

Ants, a common scourge associated with picnics, may be the last thing you expect to worry about in midwinter.

Yet every year, following the brief thaw of a warmer few winter days, countless Ontario households will find their dwelling suddenly invaded by ambitious carpenter ants.

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How to Stay Mouse Free this Holiday SeasonHow to Stay Mouse Free this Holiday Season/

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be hearing the familiar skittering or chewing sounds of mice behind the drywall among the other sounds of the season. 

Are Mice Home for the Holidays?

When the weather gets cold outside, mice seek re…

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