Are Rodents Attracted to Dog Poop?

Dog pooping on toilet cartoon

Verdict is still out but not cleaning up after your pet is unhygienic, as it is loaded with bacteria and other toxins to say the least.  

Are rats and mice attracted to the dog feces you leave in your backyard to clean up a little later or forgot?

They could be as dog poop contains little bits of undigested food, protein and fats.

But it seems that this is not their first choice as there are a lot of other food sources rats and mice prefer.

They are not picky and even prefer rabbit pellets over dog poop.

How to Tell if you Have Rodent Problems?

If you do suspect you may have a problem with rats and mice infiltrating your home the signs are not hard to notice.

Look for rat holes 3 to 4.5cm in diameter, you may also spot greasy looking smudges where the rat’s fur rubbed against a surface.

The most telltale sign is spotting rat and mice droppings that resemble raisins.

Call in a Professional Pest Removal Company

Make sure to call in a professional pest removal company.

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