We are here to help with all your insect, rodent, or wildlife removal in Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas.

Here at Dave’s we guarantee that our work will get done right the first time.

We will back up all our work 100% and we are always keeping all our training, knowledge and equipment up to date, so we always have new and better ways to keep any unwanted visitors out of your home.


Here at Dave’s we remove and control insects from cluster flies to carpenter ants. We do it all. We offer services for insect control, removal and treatment in Kawartha Lakes. If you have an insect problem, don’t hesitate, get rid of whatever insect that has invaded your home today!

It’s important to stop insect infestations early so you don’t get more damage or more insects in your home or business.

We deal with many insects, such as carpenter ants, who do damage directly to the foundation of your home. Structural damage like this can cause a home to be unsafe to stay in. Carpenter ants like to chew through damp or dead wood and then they get inside your home and cause more damage.

Signs that you may have carpenter ants or other insects that cause similar damage would be sawdust or wood shavings, and winged ants emerging from areas of your home. If you notice any of these, call and set up an inspection today.

At Dave’s Pest Control in Kawartha Lakes we deal with rodents such as rats and mice. We will happily take care of and get to the bottom of your rodent issue in your home or business. Rodents can be a serious problem that can cause damage to your home.

Rats and mice can be persistent and troublesome once they’ve invaded the home. They thrive in farms and houses under a wide variety of conditions.

Rats and mice can cause many problems in your home, but they also prove to be a health risk. They contaminate food and surface around your home, this is caused by feces which can eventually cause food poisoning.

When you suspect a problem it’s important to call pest control immediately since rats and mice produce 5 litters a year which would only grow the infestation.

Signs that you may have a rodent infestation are:

  • Droppings around your home
  • Fresh gnawing
  • Tracks around your home
  • Nests made from shredded paper or other fibrous materials
  • A musky smell in your house
  • Rub marks on walls and baseboards

If you notice any of the above, don’t hesitate and call immediately.

Kawartha Lakes is filled with wildlife, but most people would agree that they belong in the wild.

Wildlife can cause problems in and they can even damage your home or business. Let us help remove any sort of wildlife that has invaded your home.

Wildlife can be classified as anything from raccoons to skunks and many other animals. These animals tend to burrow to get into your home which can cause damage to the foundation or structure of your home.

We always remove wildlife using safe traps ensuring that no harm is caused to the animal. All wildlife is relocated to a rural area in Kawartha Lakes far from your home or business to guarantee that they won’t return. We also take the extra step of patching up and sealing any areas where the wildlife has entered the home in order to block them from entering again.

There are also many ways to prevent such visitors from coming in the first place, such as:

  • Putting away all food
  • Locking up garbage and disposing of it as soon as possible
  • Blocking holes or possible entrances that wildlife can access

And if you notice any signs of wildlife in your home, call right away so the problem can be dealt with.