Spider Control and Prevention in Peterborough and the Kawarthas

If you have a spider infestation, you need to call a trusted and reliable pest control professional to deal with the problem instead of waiting for it to get worse.

Do seal off exits and lock down garbage but call Dave Quality Pest Control for an assessment and quick solution in the Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Cobourg, and Port Hope regions.

Dave spraying for spiders in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

Spider spraying

Spiders can cause damage to your home or business family or pets in many ways. Bites can lead to swelling, inflammation and more serious health concerns if left untreated. Not all spiders are dangerous. Some serve useful functions. Some are useful as pest controllers for gardeners or farmers who have issues with aphids and other pests. Some spiders eat problematic household flies, mosquitoes and moths. Others are not benign though. In particular, brown recluse and black widow spiders are a serious hazard to your health. Although spiders generally prefer getting away from you as opposed to biting you you need to get rid of them because venom from a spider bite is dangerous to you, your family and your household pets.
Spiders get into attics and crawl spaces seeking an environment with plentiful and reliable sources of food in the form of other pests to feed on. When they think they have found that, they pitch their webs there. And stay. To get rid of spiders, deprive them of food and predators they seek. Secure your garbage, entries and exits to your home or office. However, in the end you'll likely end up needing to call us to finish the job though after they keep returning and the situation gets worse. When you hire Dave's Quality Pest Control you will be refunded the price of the quote and experience the peace of mind you had before the pest infestation.