Rat Control in Peterborough, Lindsay and the Kawarthas

Aggressive and thorough cleaning, sanitizing and exclusion techniques which make it difficult for rats to get into your home are best executed by a trusted and insured professional.

You can try traps and baits on your own but you will eventually find your time and money are better spent calling a professional pest control service.

If you see droppings, do not touch them. Germs and bacteria and disease could be present. 

Call Dave’s Quality Pest Control immediately for assessment and removal.

Rodents can carry diseases and contaminate food in your home without your knowledge. If anyone has respiratory issues the odour that emanates from rodents can be a serious hazard. For example, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome can be fatal and is connected with contact with rodents and can be fatal to you, your family or your pets. If there is an unexplained scent of ammonia, it could be a result of rat infestation or cat urine. It is critical to get rid of rats and other rodents before they procreate.
Epidemic arthritic erythema is more commonly known as rat-bite fever, or Haverhill Fever, which in rare cases can be fatal. Evidence of rats coupled with rashes, fever, vomiting or joint pain, headaches and sore throat. It was first reported in North America in 1839. According to the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention, “A person can also get infected through consumption of food or water contaminated with the urine and droppings of rodents carrying the bacteria. This is known as Haverhill fever.”