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Insect Control

With the ability to sneak into tiny spaces and inhabit the most unwanted areas, it’s no wonder that insects are such common pests. From spiders, and earwigs to bed bugs and carpenter ants, insects can affect the stability of your home in numerous ways.

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Insect Control in Kawartha, Peterborough and Northumberland

Dave’s Quality Pest Control can rid of you of any insect infestation, big or small.

We offer insect control, treatment and removal in Lindsay, Peterborough, Cobourg, Port Hope, Port Perry and beyond. With a number of tools and tactics, we can repel any infestations and prevent further damage. Talk to our insect removal specialists. Fill out our online contact form or call us toll free at 1-866-984-2434 today.

Is Your Home Damaged from Carpenter Ants?

Specific insects such as carpenter ants take a direct impact the foundation of your house. Carpenter ants build nests inside of damp or dead wood, and will continue to chew at any soft wood they have access to in your home. Signs that you may have carpenter ants can include sawdust on the floor, wood shavings, or winged ants emerging from ceilings, walls, or crevices.

Professional Flea & Bed Bug Treatment

Fleas and bedbugs also have a direct impact on not only your home, but also your body. Itchy welts found on the body are often signs you may have an infestation. Apart from mosquitoes, which tend to only cause outdoor disturbances, bed bugs and fleas can often be found inside the home.

Without a visit from a professional there is never a guarantee that your home is flea or bedbug free. Our Xrid Pest Control System is often used in these cases, assuring you an insect free environment.

Cockroaches, Spiders, Cluster Flies and More

Other unsettling insects that are commonly found inside include cockroaches, and spiders. While these insects tend to venture inside, clusterflies and earwigs like to disturb outer areas of the home such as in gardens. Although not always harmful, large infestations of these insects can be very upsetting.

What Insect Is Bugging You?

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