Professional Flea Treatments in Peterborough, Kawarthas and Central Ontario

If fleas have become a chronic problem in your home or business, call Dave’s Quality Pest Control to remove flea invasions that can endanger your pets, home or business.

Sometimes it’s obvious that fleas have entered your household. When you see the tiny critters hopping up and down on your pet, pet bedding or carpeting or evidence or see evidence of droppings, it’s clear you need to call a professional.

Professional treatment for your cat, dog, furniture, carpets and general living area in your home will get rid of fleas as well as help with long term prevention. With over 14 years of experience in assessment and control of fleas, we are your solution in Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland and surrounding communities.

Flea Infestation Home Remedies Will Not Take Care of Problem

There are many home remedies for fleas, including sprays and foggers but they will not address the underlying cause or provide a permanent solution. For flea control  in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, call us today. The inspection fee disappears from your bottom line when you book with us. We return the fee to you and deal with your flea infestation problem promptly and permanently.

Not Sure Where The Bites Are Coming From?

We offer a variety of insect control services in Ontario, so please feel free to contact our team for a professional opinion.

Like most household pests, the first evidence you will see of fleas are often droppings. Unchecked, these first signs, including bites on your pet, as well as small specks on bedding or carpets, can escalate quickly.
Most flea outbreaks are caused by dogs and cats but can leap to humans and cause itching and swelling. In rare cases, fleas can enter your home even if you do not own a pet and can wreak havoc. Take a look at your pet’s bedding to look for evidence of dropping or small specks which could be eggs from female fleas who sometimes lay twenty-five or more at once.