Here at Dave’s Quality Pest Control, we are proud to offer a discount to all members of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture. OFA membership cardholders receive 10% off all of our services so top quality pest control is accessible to all of our hardworking local farmers.

We Need Farmers!

Farms and farmers are a precious resource in the communities we serve at Dave’s Quality Pest Control. After all, over half of the highest quality farmland in the country is right here in Ontario, home to over 50,000 farms. Ontario farms grow most of Canada’s soybeans, make up more than half of Canada’s corn producers, and are plentiful sources of meat, dairy, feed, fruit, and vegetables. In addition to being a vital source of food production, Ontario farms create many year-round and seasonal jobs, and are responsible for more than a quarter of agricultural revenue in Canada.

In The Heart of Ontario

Dave’s Quality Pest Control is located in the heart of Ontario’s most bountiful farmland, and our service area spans many farming communities. Farmland makes up nearly 50% of the Kawartha Watershed, right where our expert pest control team operates from. We see every day the work that local farmers put in, and we know you have a lot on your plate while working tirelessly to keep everyone’s plates full. Pest issues in your home, on the farm, or in your places of business shouldn’t be adding to your busy lives. That’s why we offer the OFA discount, so that it’s easier for you to get the very best in pest control, whenever you need it.