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Carpenter Ant Infestation and Removal in the Kawarthas

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Carpenter ants may enter your home through a number of ways, including unsealed or open windows, holes and crevices in your home's foundation, air conditioners, hydro or telco cables, tree branches and plants, firewood and water damage in your roof.
Carpenter ants look very much like the other ants you may see living in small dirt mounds outdoors. They are small, dark brown to black in colour, and their bodies are made up of three distinct segments with a narrow waist and a bulbous back end. Carpenter ants are typically larger than other types of ant, but this isn’t a reliable way to identify them. What gives carpenter ants away is the sawdust they leave behind, and sightings of winged ants (swarmers) or their shed wings near window sills and baseboards. Some homeowners even hear rustling or scratching sounds in the walls at night, these noises are the carpenter ants at work building nests. The ants you see throughout your home are most likely foraging for food, as carpenter ants do not eat wood but simply bore into it to nest.
Ant traps and poisons won’t do much if anything to combat a carpenter ant infestation. In fact, they could worsen your problem by masking the signs of infestation temporarily - while the carpenter ant colony continues to damage the structure of your home. Carpenter ants also tend to colonize in clusters, a main colony with several ‘satellite’ colonies. So even if you can reach and destroy one nest, it’s likely the infestation will flare up again shortly. If you see signs of carpenter ants in your home this winter, save yourself the expense of repairing structural damage and call Dave’s Quality Pest Control for a free estimate. Our team of professionals is trained to locate and eliminate entire colonies of carpenter ants and prevent them from coming back.