Winter Run-Ins: The Return of the Carpenter Ant

It's warmer in your house than our here

With 2019 kicking off and winter in full effect, insect infestations are thought to be avoidable this time of year. But carpenter ants are known to often occur in January (and actually, every month of the year!). To keep your home safe and insect free this winter, find out what issues carpenter ants cause and how to keep them at bay:

What are Carpenter Ants?

The cold Ontario weather may create the illusion that your house is safe from large insect infestations; however, carpenter ants are active insects that can cause damage no matter what time of year.

Carpenter ants are typically found in Canada in a red or black hue and known for their ability to ruin wooden structures by burrowing and nesting into wood. They are typically attracted by soft woods such as pine, and also tend to migrate towards wood that has been water damaged. Because of their similar habits they are often confused with termites, but their burrowing patterns are what differentiate the two.

Carpenter ants may choose to remain inactive during the winter, but not always. If their nest remains warm, which may be the case if they have burrowed inside your home, then they may choose to continue activity in the winter. The cold weather also cause carpenter ants to enter the home in search of food and water. Commonly they are known to enter through windows, holes in foundation, power cables, porches, or inside firewood.

Indications of Carpenter Ants

Seeing wooden shavings beneath baseboards or windowsills can often be a clear sign that you have carpenter ants. When your home is quiet, listen for sounds of rustling muted by hollow walls or doors. You may also have an infestation if swarms of winged ants are seen trying to escape outdoors.

Also keep in mind that seeing carpenter ants in your home can be an indication that you may have water damage or rotting wood, since these pests are attracted to soft wood. The best way to tell for sure is to call in a professional. Dave’s Quality Pest Control has lots of experience dealing with carpenter ants in Ontario and can both diagnose and deal with any internal insect problem you may be experiencing.

How to Remove Carpenter Ants From Your Home

Once you have properly diagnosed that you have carpenter ants, purchasing removal bait can be one way to rid of these unwanted pests. The ants will pick up the bait while foraging, and bring it back to their nest, poisoning the whole colony in the process. In order to clear of them properly these baits must be placed in the right areas of the home. You can also use non-repellent spray or use a spray or foam inside the voids of your home where colonies are nesting.

To guarantee a lasting carpenter ant removal, it is also advisable to hire a professional. As the #1 choice in the Kawartha Lakes, Dave’s Quality Pest Control can not only identify the problem, they can provide a solution that will last!

To find out about our services, give us a call at 1-866-984-2434 and talk to a professional. Keep your home safe and pest-free this winter with a local business you can trust.