Earwigs: Myth vs Fact

Earwigs: Myth vs Fact

Earwigs, with their menacing-looking pincers are one of the most frightening insects to find in your home. As creepy as they are, many myths exist about earwigs.

Busting Earwig Myths with Dave’s Quality Pest Control

Get your facts straight with this quick guide, and then get them out of your home quickly and easily with help from Dave’s Quality Pest Control. We know how to get rid of earwigs in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere else they might rear their ugly… rears.

Myth: Earwigs get their name from a lethal habit of burrowing into your ear to lay eggs.

Fact: While this common belief may be responsible for their name, this idea that earwigs burrow into ears is false, and only serves to add to the already high ‘ick factor’ of earwig sightings in your home. Regardless, nobody likes seeing one of these scary little insects in the places we sleep, eat, or bathe.

Myth: Earwigs only live outdoors and occasionally find their way in - nothing to worry about.

Fact: Sorry, this comforting myth is only partially true. It is true that it’s rare for earwigs to nest inside your home, they frequently infest outdoor areas within easy reach of doors and windows which they wander into in search of food - where you will find the unwanted visitors again and again. In some instances, they may even find suitable living quarters indoors as well, particularly in basements and damp bathrooms or mudrooms.

Myth: Earwig pinches are poisonous and/or spread disease.

Fact: While not directly harmful to humans, an earwig pinch does sting and is certainly nothing you want to experience. Earwig pinches do not spread disease or contain any toxins, simply wash the area and soothe it with a cool cloth or ice cube if needed. The pincers are used as defense, so you are only likely to be stung if you surprise the earwig (and yourself) by making accidental contact with it. To avoid an unexpected earwig pinch, get help from the pros for any earwig infestations near your home. Don’t continue to be an unwitting host to the creepiest of home invaders.

Professional Earwig Control

If you’ve had it with smashing earwigs with shoes, books, and whatever else is nearby - call 1-866-984-2434 for fast and effective earwig control in Port Perry, Port Hope, Cobourg, Peterborough, Lindsay, and the Kawartha Lakes area.