How to Tell if you Have Squirrels in your Attic

Close up of a red squirrel

Squirrels are primarily more active during the day. Homeowners most likely will hear them in the morning as the sun rises.

Most common noises are scratching, chewing and scurrying. Squirrels find attics and soffits to be the ideal place to give birth to their young.

How Do Squirrels Get In?

They gain access by simply chewing through plastic, aluminum and wood. They need no more then a two inch hole to  squeeze through.

Their powerful teeth can cause quite a bit of damage. They have long incisors that they use to gnaw on surfaces such as wood and electrical wiring potentially being a fire hazard.

Their nesting habits also do tremendous damage to your attic’s insulation which will increase the cost to heat and cool your home.

Mother squirrels can also be aggressive when protecting their young. They may charge or attack if they feel threatened. It is best to call trained wildlife technicians instead of attempting to remove them yourself or leave the squirrels to vacate on their own.

Squirrel Control in Kawartha Lakes

Dave’s quality pest control will safely and humanely remove the mother squirrel and her litter from your home. Call today for a free squirrel removal quote.