Prevent and Control Cluster Flies in Ontario

Cluster Flies in Ontario

Cluster flies are not hazardous to human health, but they are popular pests in spring and fall, especially within Ontario homes.

With their attraction to warmth and light, they are commonly found clustered around window frames or abandoned parts of the home such as the attic, causing an alarming and, let’s be honest, gross infestation.

Characteristics of Cluster Flies in Ontario

The cluster fly looks very similar to other kinds of flies, particularly the housefly, but they do have significant differences that identify them.

First and foremost, cluster flies are named after their habitual habit of clustering together. They can be found collectively around windows, in unused areas of the house, and anywhere that has warmth and light.

Cluster flies are also larger and have a silver checkered pattern on the body, rather than that of a housefly, which has black stripes covering its body. They also move at a slower pace.

In comparison to the housefly, cluster flies pose much less of a threat to human health because they do not breed or spread their feces inside the home or on human food.

While houseflies will enter the home in search of food and water, cluster flies enter the home to hibernate during cold months.

However, the problem that cluster flies can bring to a home is that they die during hibernation, and their death, especially in winterized homes, can attract larger beetles. Beetles will use cluster flies as a food source and then remain within the home. Cluster flies can also stain curtains with their excrement.

Their swarming of windows around the home is also why they can be huge pests.

Preventing Cluster Flies in Ontario

To prevent cluster flies it is important to seal cracks and crevices around windows and other parts of the house.

You can also use residual sprays on the outside walls of buildings to protect and prevent a cluster fly infestation. These sprays can alternatively be used around windows and doorframes, or other areas where cluster flies are keen on entering.

Make sure you are doing this prior to the cold season. If you seal areas during the winter for example, the cluster flies will simply be stuck inside the home with no way out.

Resolving a Cluster Fly Infestation

If you are already experiencing an abundance of cluster flies within the home, there are simple ways to cure the infestation yourself.

After sealing cracks and crevices around the home where they can enter, use a vacuum to trap and kill the ones inside. You can also use bug catching light traps.

Traps should particularly be used in the South and West side of your home. These sides attract cluster flies most because they carry the most warmth.

Professional Cluster Fly Control

If you experience an abundance of cluster flies every year and home remedies are not curing you of your infestation, it may be time to consider a professional.

For more information contact our cluster fly removal experts today.

Dave’s Quality Pest Control has experience dealing with large cluster fly infestations. Let us analyze and solve your cluster fly problems, leaving you with a clean and bug free home this season.