Carpenter Ants and Hardwood Floors Infestations

Carpenter Ants and Hardwood Floors Infestations

Carpenter ants are a serious problem and can impact your hardwood flooring and other wood in your home.

These stubborn large ants can cause a loss of integrity to wooden flooring and can be very difficult to remove from a home.

Inspecting the whole house is critical and this is where a professional can really help.

Signs of Carpenter Ants in my House

The best way to determine if you have carpenter ants in your hardwood floor is to look beneath it. You will want to look at the ceiling below and inspect for damage.

Carefully observe for fine wood shavings and tunnels that appear in the wood from carpenter ant activity.

The carpenter ants also make noise that you can hear. Listen carefully when all else is quiet and you can hear them chewing and burrowing if you have an infestation. 

How To Get Rid of Ants in Wood Floors

Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture and rotting wood. Removing these sources of food and nesting material is key in dealing with carpenter ants living in your hardwood floors.  The ant problem will not go away on its own and the nest must be eliminated to solve the problem.

Identification of the nest by a pest extermination company is the fastest and efficient way to deal with a carpenter ant problem in your hardwood or laminate flooring.

Will Bait for Carpenter Ants Work?

Bait that is properly placed around the home can kill carpenter ants, but if the colony is large or there are not enough traps in the proper placement, this may not quickly exterminate them.

The bait provides a slow colony kill, as they come into contact with the poison while travelling and return it to the nest. A spray foam can also be used by directing it inside the cracks in the suspected places where colonies are nesting.

Professional Help for Exterminating Carpenter Ants in Floors

Carpenter ants can nest anywhere in a house including within your subfloors, wooden beams, attics, crawl spaces, under porches,within insulation,  in doors, basements, and under roof shingles.

To ensure your carpenter ant infestation is properly and quickly removed, it is a good idea to hire a professional who knows how to effectively deal with this very serious home situation. It is worth the call to an expert for a carpenter ant problem.

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