Squirrel Control in Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes

If you have squirrels coming into your living or working space, contact Dave's Quality Pest Control today for a quote and a permanent solution.

Professional Squirrel Removal 

You might assume that squirrels will come and go. But they can set up shop permanently anyplace in your home that they think is warm and secure. A new odious smell (squirrel feces or urine) is also a sure-fire sign of squirrels. And even if you temporarily get rid of them, they can return and procreate. 

Traps are best used by someone with experience. You need someone licensed and insured like Dave’s Quality Pest Control to assess the situation, then use the traps safely and effectively.

Trusted since 1984, we can safely and humanely deal with any squirrel infestation.

We know how to use traps and all other removal methods so we can accurately assess the squirrel infestation situation. If you are in Peterborough and the surrounding area, call today for a quote.

When squirrels are burrowing into buildings searching for food, warmth and shelter they can cause irrevocable household damage. Siding, insulation, and electrical wiring are all at risk. Squirrels can short out power lines dealing a quick blow to municipal services.
Squirrels are attracted to the smell and taste of birdseed so you want to secure or remove a bird feeder. Cover drain pipes, eaves trough entrances and spouts to prevent squirrels from getting in. Gutter guards can help. Seal up all potential entry points! But do not try rodent control bait meant for mice and rat control. It won't work.