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When removing raccoons from your home, we ensure to take all the steps necessary to remove all raccoons from the property and prevent any future return.

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Professional raccoon control and removal costs in Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Port Perry and Northumberland County, Ontario.

Raccoon Control

Setting up traps to safely capture the animals without harm, and relocating them far from the home to a rural environment is the first step. To guarantee that they will not return, Dave’s Quality Pest Control will mend all areas of entry and repair any damage that has occurred. To prevent any future raccoons from invading the home, we would recommend protecting or locking household garbage bins and avoiding the placement of any food outdoors that may attract them.

Raccoon Identification

The common raccoon is best known for its mischievous-looking black face mask. They are typically a grizzled grey in colour with a tail marked by five to 10 alternating black and brown rings.

Raccoons can live in a wide range of habitats. The only requirements for their survival are a source of water, food, and a protected area for denning. Otherwise they can live in an abundance of rural and urban areas. In suburban areas, they are known for raiding garbage bins and hunting for earthworms, beetles, and grubs on residential lawns. They will also den in these areas around residential chimneys, sewers, garages, attics, trees, and culverts.

removing raccoons from your home

In rural areas, they become pests for farmers because they tend to eat domestic fowl and eggs. Their scavenging activity increases especially in the fall in northern spaces like Canada because they must accumulate sufficient fat reserves to sustain them during winter denning.

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