Raccoon Control in Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Professional raccoon control and removal costs in Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Port Perry and Northumberland County, Ontario.

Although they seem cute and harmless, raccoon can wreak havoc, especially in an attic in your home or office.

Setting up traps to safely capture the animals without harm, and relocating them far from the home to a rural environment is the first step.

To guarantee that they will not return, Dave’s Quality Pest Control will mend all areas of entry and repair any damage that has occurred.

To prevent any future raccoons from invading the home, we would recommend protecting or locking household garbage bins and avoiding the placement of any food outdoors that may attract them.

If you have raccoons climbing onto your roof or in your home, it's time to call Dave's Quality Pest Control.

As our communities encroach on the natural environment in Central Ontario, raccoons and other animals are pushed out of their natural surroundings and habitats. As humans edge onto natural spaces raccoons have nowhere to go and look to homes and offices for shelter and bins of compost or garbage for sustenance. They’re really just following their natural instincts, especially as spring turns into summer and they try to fatten up so they have reserves to survive a long cold winter.