Have a Holly Jolly, Raccoon Free Christmas This Year

Raccoons at Christmas

Wildlife during the summer often has a reputation of becoming household pests. When winter comes along people assume that their house is safer from unwanted creatures. In reality, many animals still love to disturb homes in the winter because they provide safety and warmth from the cold.

Raccoons can be one of these creatures.

The last thing you asked for during the bustle of the holiday season is an unwanted animal invading your home.

Raccoons and Winter

Raccoons do not hibernate, but rather adapt to weather conditions. This means that they can still become a nuisance during cold months. Because there is less produce available in yards and gardens, raccoons are more prone to foraging in garbage bins and dumpsters during the winter.

Raccoons are known to survey different habitats all year long. No matter what time of year, raccoons can take shelter under porches, decks, or in attic or crawl spaces. However, they can especially take an interest in invading your house in the winter when your house is heated. A dryer exhaust that blows outside is especially welcoming to a raccoon in search of sleep and warmth.

Raccoon Prevention

Typically ridding of raccoons that have entered your house requires professional raccoon removal. But prevention methods can be taken to ensure you don’t attract a raccoon problem.

Make sure to identify any points of entry for a raccoon and seal them off permanently.

Raccoons are also attracted to food, so making sure that your garbage bins outside are closed and sealed is optimal for keeping raccoons at bay. Do not leave pet food out long either, as this can also attract them indoors. You can also use lights on the exterior of the house to prevent them from burrowing into dark spaces.

Raccoon Control

While there are many tips on preventing raccoon invasions during the winter months, professional help with larger wildlife such as raccoons is the best way to ensure your home is safe and pest free. There are plenty of prevention methods to keep raccoons at bay, but if a raccoon is causing problems in your house, it is best to call a professional.

Dave Quality Pest Control has dealt with raccoon problems of all kinds. For results that last, call our experts to ensure your home stays raccoon free this holiday.

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