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Wildlife Control

Canadian wildlife is both incredible and abundant. Dave’s Quality Pest Control values Ontario wildlife, and wishes to preserve animals by keeping them safe and away from human property.

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We offer animal control and wildlife removal services in Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Cobourg, Port Hope, Port Perry and Durham Region.

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Our Wildlife and Animal Control Services

Dave’s Quality Pest Control ensures taking all necessary steps to remove wildlife from the property and prevent any future return. 

Setting up traps to safely capture wildlife without harm, and relocating them far from the home to a rural environment is one of the steps we take to ensure optimal benefits for all.

Patching up previously accessible wildlife entrances from the home is one of the steps we take to block wildlife from again entering the home.

Wildlife Control Tips & Advice

To control wildlife around your home it is important to take cautionary measures to prevent unwanted visits. 

Protect or lock up household garbage bins and avoid the placement of any food outdoors. 

Wildlife such as raccoons and skunks are known to seek out locations with access to human food or waste. Proper protection of food and trash will minimize the likelihood of a disturbance.

However, not all wildlife disturbances are preventable. Harmonious wildlife cannot always be achieved, as animals can often burrow, gnaw, and cause other similar disruptions that damage and tamper human property. This can include unwanted and overwhelming visits from raccoons, skunks, squirrels, pigeons, bats, or other such wildlife.

Animals We Humanely Remove

Please Note

Wildlife and trapping calls are currently limited to Kawartha Lakes and surrounding areas. Please call our office to see if we can service your area.