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The most common type of bats that are found in North America are Microchiroptera bats, which are mainly characterized by their pushed-in snouts, like a pug dog. These bats are typically carnivores, feeding primarily on insects.

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There are more than 1,000 bat species in the world, making them one of the most prevalent orders of mammals. Bat species are divided into two suborders: Megachiroptera (also called flying foxes or fruit bats) and Michrochiroptera.

How To Detect Bats


There are a few ways to detect if there are bats in your home. Bats will often leave droppings near the area they’re infesting. It’s important to check window sills, your attic, your porch, and other areas around your home you suspect there might be bats. Droppings are usually found below or around entry points in your home or business.

Another way to detect bats is if you find fragments of moths or other insects that the bats may be eating. These are usually a good indicator of where the bats roost is.

If you see dark grease stains or scratch marks around what could be an entry point, you may have a bat infestation. But if these marks and stains are up high you might not see them from far away or unless your specifically looking for them.

Another sign that you have bats is if you hear chirping in your walls or attic. The chirping is high pitched and can often be described as a clicking sound. The chirps are also short and very repetitive. (see video)

If you notice any of the above in your home or business, don’t hesitate and call Dave’s Quality Pest Control today.

What Attracts Bats?

People often don’t notice small cracks and holes higher up on the outside of their home, but the bats do. Because they’re generally quiet and are nocturnal, people don’t notice that they have a bat infestation until the build up of bat droppings starts to build up.

Often times when bats get into your house it’s because they’re seeking shelter from the weather outside or they’re just lost and saw an entrance into your home.

What Time of Day Do Bats Come Out?

Bats are nocturnal animals, so they don’t come out until night time. The time they come out is usually two to three hours after dusk so they can feed. After feeding, bats will return to their roost and spend the rest of the night and day hanging upside down, sleeping.

Where Do Bats Go In The Winter?

Bats will hibernate from around October/November until March/April depending on the weather.

They will often appear in your home during the colder winter months to hibernate, taking advantage of the heat.

This makes detecting them slightly more difficult because in these months they’re in hibernation.

There’s little to no sound or movement in the winter, meaning they aren’t causing damage but also meaning you can’t find them as easily.

What are Bat Houses?

Bat houses are a good solution if you live near a bat populated area or if you notice a lot of bats coming into your home.

A bat house is where bats can roost during the day instead of in your house. The ideal placement for a bat house is at least three meters above the ground on a building or a pole to avoid predators.

Avoid placing your bat house in trees because this makes the bat house harder for the bats to locate and the branches can hinder the bats flight.

Do Bats Bite?

Bats are normally non aggressive animals and will usually avoid contact with humans if possible, meaning unless you provoke or handle the bat you should be fine.

Can You Raise Bats?

You should avoid taking bats out of their habitat unless they seem to be injured and won’t survive if left. A lot of people will have bat houses, which are helpful to bats and actually gives them a home aside from your attic.

You should not choose to keep bats in your home because they’re droppings can prove to be a health risk, as well as it’s not their natural habitat which can do them more harm than good.

Many people however try to attract bats around their home to get rid of mosquitos and other irritating pests.

How Can Bats Be Prevented?

Dave’s Quality Pest Control makes prevention easy by patching up and sealing all possible entrances that bats can get into. We do a thorough job to be sure that no more bats make an unwanted appearance in your home.

How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?

Do you notice bats in your house or attic? Call Dave’s Quality Pest Control for all your bat removal and prevention needs. We provide bat exclusion services to a larger range of areas than mentioned on our website so please call to see if we will service your area.

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