Family Of Raccoons Removed From Peterborough Home

Mother raccoon on the roof of a home in Peterborough, Ontario

When raccoons start having pups in early spring, they often choose residential homes as the site of their new den. 

To safely remove this family of raccoons, we started by placing a non-toxic repellant that releases an odour indicating the presence of a male raccoon.

The mother takes this as a sign to relocate her pups to the safety of a secondary den.

From there, we humanely trapped and relocated them into the wild.

Once the raccoons were safely removed, we were able to repair the damage left behind to prevent re-entry.

Raccoon in cage

Raccoon on a roof

Close up of raccoon on a roof

Raccoon climbing on a roof

Rooftop raccoon

Raccoon is climbing on a roof

Brick house with raccoon on roof

Brick house in Peterborough, ON