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There are about 100 species of ants in Canada, so it is not unusual for them to become a pest around the home.

Learn About Ants Including Pharaoh Ants and Carpenter Ants

Inside the homes with treat in Ontario, species that are known to invade include the carpenter ant, the little black ant, the odorous house ant, the thief ant and the pharaoh ant.

Outside, it is common for pavement ants to become a nuisance in lawns.

Ants are social insects that live in large colonies usually located in underground tunnels.

There are a few species, i.e., carpenter ants, that nest above ground in rotting stumps, or inside structures in wall voids, especially where wooden structures are damp.

Many species will nest outside buildings, and enter them just to forage for food.

Carpenter ants are larger than other species and one of the most important to identify correctly.

They attack wood on your property including exterior trees and interior 2x6 beams.

Carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage to homes when they excavate galleries for their nests.

Piles of sawdust may indicate the presence of carpenter ants.

Controlling Ants in Ontario

Ants create new colonies by a process of swarming, or budding.

The appearance of winged queens and smaller winged males means that swarming is taking place.

Destroying the queen best controls this type of ant colony.

Keeping surfaces and floors clean will assist in preventing ants from entering the home to forage for food.

Sugary foods, oils or greasy residues like peanut butter smears, crumbs, or even the honeydew produced by aphid-infested houseplants, especially attract ants.

Ant colonies that spread by budding will send workers with larvae and pupae to a new site.

A poorly planned chemical control treatment will encourage this type of colony to bud, thereby complicating the problem.

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How Much Does Ant Removal Cost?

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